Tools for Parents

Learning to drive is a major marker in a teenager’s life. The freedom and independence that comes from being able to operate a car can be daunting for a parent. We want you to be on the first line of defense when preparing your child to begin driving. Most parents leave it to the school system, the culture, or the internet to properly educate their teenager on safe driving.

Here are some great ways to be highly involved with your teen as they learn how to drive safely:

  1. Be sure to review all of the state laws and rule of the road regarding your specific state and community.
  2. Choose who will teach your child to drive, but remember to not leave it up to the school. culture, or internet to educate them on practical ways of safe driving. You as the parent are the number one influencer to your teen’s driving.
  3. Practice what you preach. Be sure to always be a positive role model for your teenager.